Dear Guest, please note that the venue adopts a free seating policy which means that depending on availability you are free to choose any table and seat you like at the time of your arrival. For those who are booking online their tickets for either a “Show Only” Ticket or a “Show & Dinner” Ticket please note that your reservation is valid until 20:00 on the day of the show. Please arrive at the venue latest 20:00 otherwise we cannot guarantee your seat as the reservation is automatically cancelled after that time. There are two methods of payment when booking your tickets online. You can either pay at the Ticket Box (meaning upon your arrival by showing your Booking Confirmation) or Pay Online via PayPal Service..

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Range:All the hotels and flats in and around the villages.
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1. Buffet Opens at 19:00. Visitors are welcome to the venue early so you have plenty of time to enjoy your dinner and drink before the show starts at 21:00. Please note that at 21:00 ALL LIGHTS ARE SWITCHED OFF.

2. Please note that if seating in ROWS 1 & 2, in windy days there is a chance of getting wet. We advise families with small children to seat in rows 3,4,5 &6.

3. Personalized text messages purchased with the “Special Occasion Packages Gold & Platinum” will be reviewed and if any problem exists with inappropriate language you will be notified.

4. The presence of high luminosity and large number of light units might cause epileptic people to experience seizures or other similar symptoms. If you have experienced similar symptoms in the past we do not recommend that you seat in the first 2 rows.

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Show Time: 21:00            

Schedule: April: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday;

May-September: Monday-Saturday Open

Closed on Sunday

October: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday and 4th October

November: 2nd, 3rd and 4th


Months: 11th of April - 4th of November;

     Duration: 60 Minutes


                                         Adults             Children     Infants

Show Only:            € 23,00              € 15.00              FREE

Show & Dinner:     € 38,00             € 25,00             FREE

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The Venue offers an exceptional All-Inclusive - All You Can Eat - International Buffet with a variety of foods to choose from which will satisfy any appetite.

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